After weeks, months and years of planning every last detail from the arrangements of the flowers to the colour of the bridesmaids shoes. The big day will finally come round. But once your day comes to an end, what are you left with? The cake will be long eaten, the flowers will wilt, your guests will have all left and the dress will be back in its box. 

Yes you will have the memories. You will also have the photos which may be passed through generations and tell a visual story of a very special occasion, the beautiful dresses, picturesque wedding venues and atmosphere of your special day you is captured to view again and again. All the reactions, tears and smiles and to feel that unique love and joy, all without the inevitable stresses and distractions the day itself will bring.

The beauty of a wedding photographer is that it will enable you to re-live the biggest day of your life again and again, whenever you want and wherever you want. The vows, the speeches, the dancing. Photographs will allow you to enjoy your day from a fresh perspective and it will make sure you don’t miss out on those moments you missed during the chaos of the day.

As the bride and groom, you will obviously be the number one focal point of the day. You will undoubtedly be left greeting and making time for all your guests and it is inevitable that the day will shoot past you in a blur, leaving you to experience just a fraction of the whole event. After spending a huge amount of time and money making sure that even the tiniest of details are just how you want them, you may be left feeling that you have missed out on a lot. A good wedding photographer will capture those special wedding details that you put so much hard work into arranging. 

Your wedding photos can also a gift for those closest to you. This could be a wedding album or a simple print It is a chance for friends and family who couldn’t make the day itself to feel a part of your wedding. Maybe a great gran who isn’t quite up to it or a group of friends who have emigrated. Your photos will allow them to relive all of those special moments. The emotion in the exchange of vows, the first dance, that ever special moment of the all important kiss.

Over time, your photos will grow in value and become a treasured part of your family history. They will be a priceless documents of your day, passed on to future generations. A chance for you to share your wedding day, maybe with your future children and grandchildren. A chance for them to see and hear their past relatives having the time of their lives. A chance for you to see all of your family and friends gathered together, maybe for just the one time, in a unique setting laid out just for you.

Your wedding day is unique and unrepeatable. Don’t miss this one opportunity you have to preserve the memories, sights and sounds of your special day in a unique and stylish way, keeping the experience with you forever.


Inspiration can go a long way when creating something truly great. Because of this, we want to inspire and be inspired by our couples.

We believe that wedding photography is its own art form and therefore a skill that has to be mastered to be delivered. Our experience and past feedback proves that we have mastered what we do.

We realise that each wedding is unique, and therefore each and every image Drew Findlay Photography create is personalised and handcrafted for our couples. No wedding is ever the same and therefore no photographs we make are ever the same.

We use full frame professional cameras, a range of professional standard lenses in addition to industry standard editing software where we edit each and every one of your wedding photographs to enhance the colours and atmosphere. We present your images in an easily accessible gallery where you can download your photographs to your hearts content before sharing the link with your friends and family you can even hide any images you would like to be more personal.

We realise that weddings aren’t cheap yet this shouldn’t stop anyone from getting the most from their special day. Although we are a popular choice. We aim to provide excellent value for money with our best package consisting of two experienced wedding photographers who are both graduates. A pre wedding shoot so that you are prepared for those all important wedding portraits and dispel the nervousness of being photographed. 

We go beyond what most other wedding photographers offer and we do it at a lower price. In our experience, we have found that often wedding photographers at the budget end tend to deliver cheesy and overly posed photographs. Whereas the top end have a variety of approaches that can sometimes be quite niche. 

Our photographs are a reflection of our couples relationship, their day and their story. We use our underpinning understanding of documentary and street photography to make photographs that are authentic, well thought out and encompass a narrative, whether an emotional moment, a joke or Uncle Dave pounding the dance floor with his tie around his head. We are also dedicated producing those show stopping portraits with high drama and expert use of light to create photos to be turned into souvenirs of close bonds between people. 

More than anything, we love what we do. This love shows through the photographs we make, making sure we cover every last detail and enabling us to maintain our high standards of work.

If what you see on this website inspires you, then we would love to hear from you. Let’s meet for coffee and have a chat about the biggest day of your life!