Posing Dog, Bubbles and Tik Tok Dances @ Owen House Wedding Barn

July 18, 2023

As you embark on the journey of planning your dream wedding at the enchanting Owen House Wedding Barn this summer, one crucial decision stands before you: choosing the right photographer to immortalise the precious moments of your special day. Myself an Jo have photographed many couples at this stunning venue and fully understand how to operate within this very unique wedding venue in terms of its quirkiness and low key lighting. Both of which provide the opportunity to create very cool visual monographs about your very special day.

Artistic Vision:

Our artistic vision to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. encompassing a blend of documentary shots, natural poses, and creatively composed portraits, creating a visual story that reflects the genuine emotions and joy of the day. Our education in street photography ensures that your wedding album will be an authentic body of work that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Personalised Approach:

One of the most significant advantages of choosing us as your wedding photographer is our personalised approach. We take the time to get to know you as a couple, your personalities, and your vision for the big day. By establishing a connection usually through a pre wedding shoot or meeting, we are able to dispel the fear of the prospect of being in front of the lens.

Attention to Detail:

Every wedding has its own distinctive charm, and Drew Findlay excels in capturing those intricate details that make your day truly special. From the delicate lace on your gown to the beautifully arranged floral decorations at Owen House Wedding Barn, We will capture these details with authenticity and passion.

Unobtrusive Presence:

On your wedding day, the last thing you want is a photographer who disrupts the flow of events. We try to be an unobtrusive presence that captures all the significant moments without ever becoming the centre of attention. This allows you and your guests to enjoy the day fully while knowing that every priceless moment is being expertly captured.

Commitment to Quality:

Our commitment to delivering high-quality documentary wedding photography is evident in our portfolio where we showcase many of the powerful moments that myself and Jo have captured. we are driven by special moments whether they are romantic, funny or emotional. A good story is a good story from our perspective.


Choosing the right wedding photographer is a crucial decision, as the photographs captured on your special day will become cherished memories for generations to come. With our experience, artistic vision, personalised approach, attention to detail, unobtrusive presence, and commitment to quality, you can be assured that we will tell your story in a powerful and authentic manner as we did in this example from the wedding of Naomi and James who were fabulous to work with.

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