Hallmark Handforth Wedding Photography | Jerry and Pete

May 9, 2020

Hallmark Hotel Handforth | Pete and Jerry

Introducing the wedding of Pete and Jerry who got married at the fabulous St Georges church in Stockport.

Whilst the boys were getting dressed up in their kilts just down the road at the Alma Lodge Hotel. Jerry and her bride tribe were ensuring a fulfilled morning at home.

Hair and make up done by Pamper Me

At the church the boys waited for the bridal party as the church PA system played a selection of Indie anthems. The ceremony concluded and its off to sign the register. At this point an emotional face time call with Jerrys big brother took place.

Formalities concluded. The guests headed over to the Hallmark hotel in Handforth. We whisked the bride and groom down to Fletcher Moss park in Didsbury for the couples portraits.

On arriving at the venue the well decorated room could have been a banquet in Kings Landing. Well thought out centre pieces that a Lannister would have been proud of.

The cake with Dragon eggs as a nod to Daenerys Targaryen. Each table decorated as a different house. This was definitely a Game of thrones wedding. Wedding breakfast and emotional speeches concluded. The party into full swing and the dance floor full as family and friends joined for the celebration.

When photographing a wedding in South Manchester a great location to consider for portraits is Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury. The location is relatively accessible especially on a Summers day. 

When you get there you will find beautiful gardens and a stunning path lined with trees. This has to be one of my favorate locations to shoot wedding photographs as it provides a dramatic setting whilst maintaining a sense of cool elegance. 

The Hallmark in Handforth is an ideal wedding venue and has some great advantages, easy to locate as it is close to the A34, so easily accessible from the Manchester area. 

The interior of the hotel is very clean and well cared for. It is clear that they are experienced at catering weddings. The staff were friendly and highly organised which ensured that Jerry and Pete’s very special day ran smoothly without any hitches. 

Hallmark Handforth is a fantastic place to photograph weddings and our experience of the venue was excellent.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for anyone considering holding their wedding celebration here.

Tips for Wedding Couples 

Wedding photography can be a complex occupation especially when overcoming issues such as low light. Which is often the issue when when photographing the evening celebration. 

When choosing a wedding photographer a good question theme is the subject of lighting. The photographer should be able to tell you what equiptment they use but more importantly, how they use lighting to enhance your photographs.

Essentially, lighting is one of the aspects that will seperate the professionals from the well meaning ametures. They should also be able to show you a range of examples from previous weddings where they have used light effectively.

We are currently booking 2021 weddings so if you’re getting married and considering a wedding photographer then please do get in touch via the contact page to request a brochure.

If you would like to see more of our work than check out our portfolio or recent weddings page. 


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