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Hello there. We are Drew + Jo, Wedding photographers based in Stockport. We are documentary wedding photographers which means we photograph the important things that happen on a wedding day. In one sense that is correct and that is exactly what we do. However, weddings are full of love and emotion, laughter and celebration. These are the moments that bring weddings to life. A philosophy we use to approach every wedding we photograph.
We appeal to people who like to do things a little bit different. Outside the vernacular and share similar values to our wedding philosophy.
Usually we photograph weddings throughout the North West and North Wales. We are happy to consider all types of requests including destination weddings. If this is the case then please tell us about your plans and we will provide a bespoke response.
The last two years have seen us featured in national publications such as the Mail Online and the Standard which was a real privilege.
You won’t find us recreating moments, we stay in the background observing interactions and looking for the moments of joy and laughter that occur at weddings.
Our roll as wedding photographers is to produce images that orchestrate a visual poem of your special day. Of happiness, friendship and celebration. A visual legacy that will last forever and be passed on.

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